A-Class Marble unveils the Classique Collection

A-Class Marble India Pvt. Ltd. has recently launched the Classique Collection, with its lustrous finish and high visual appeal. With an array of products like Lygorio Beige, Cappadocia Beige, Guppucci Crema, this collection is appreciated for its texture and low maintenance. Carefully handpicked and imported from Turkey, Italy and Greece, the Classique series is available in an array of designs and innovative formats with varying thickness.

Apart from its designs, Classique offers various sizes, design patterns and thickness. It comes with a thickness of 16mm, 18mm and 20mm according to the product. Classique is inlaid with long-lasting lustre to give a vibrant appearance to all interior spaces. The collection is suited for an extensive variety of application, such as in bar counters, counter tops, flooring, statement walls, wall cladding etc.

The Italian marble offered in this collection comes with no chemical fortification and pin holes. It has a high lustre and a good wear resistance power that appeals to buyers.

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