Classic Marble Company introduces KalingaStone’s Grigio Billiame marble

Bathroom_Kalingastone Marble Esclusiva series_Grigio Billiame bath tub and Classica series Alyssa_on floor and wallUsher in the new year with one of Classic Marble Company’s (CMC) most exclusive products for bathroom installations category. Designed for those with a desire for ultimate bathing experiences, the company has built a custom-made free-standing bathtub crafted out of Grigio Billiame, a newly introduced KalingaStone marble. Articulately carved out from the highly durable engineered marble, the bathtub elevates the standards of a contemporary bathroom and turns it into a luxurious retreat.

Exotic and curvy, with leather or silken textured finishes or nature-inspired motifs, the bath tubs can be made available in any designs, shapes and colours such as brown, grey earthy, besides traditional whites. With radically new texture and surface designs, the product renders a stylish and spectacular look to a bathroom area. The installation exemplifies beauty of the engineered marble with uniform flow of dark black veins on the sandy marble surface and makes for a bespoke bathroom.

The newly introduced Grigio Billiame can be used in a variety of applications over and above bath tubs. The applications include wash-sink, countertops, flooring and wall clads among others. Available in standard dimensions of 304 X 125 cm and thickness choices of 12 mm, 16mm and 18 mm, the products add a touch of luxury to bathrooms. The other key characteristics of KalingaStone engineered marble are high durability and strength, less porousness, more resistance to denting, chipping, abrasion and staining. Being harder than natural marble, they also make an apt choice for all kind of residential and commercial applications.

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