Chrome Kitchen

Sub-Zero Wolf offers a wide range of premium kitchenware appliances, from refrigeration, wine storage and preservers to convection ovens, outdoor grillers, cook-tops and ventilation. All the products are made by keeping in mind a high performance quotient associated with them and the brand. The focus is to achieve the best functionality with aesthetics, thus integrating innovative technology into the products is key.


Outdoor Grill

The multi-functional Out-door grill uses both direct and radiant heat to achieve the temperature range and uniform heat distribution which are important to a flawless grilling experience. The double-walled stainless, precision welds of these grills resist rusting, water retention, and the natural elements. With a metallic chrome design, this Grill is designed to accentuate confidence for professional cooking. Adding a griddle plate accessory enables the grilling of delicate items, such as vegetables and fish. It is available in 30″, 36″, 42″, and 54″ widths.

Convection Steam oven

Presented in sleek clean design with stainless steel and floating black glass models, these ovens are built to be the core of a kitchen. With the technology and innovation to release ideal amounts of steam and heat at critical moments, it empowers the user to become a professional chef at home. With aesthetic consistency in mind the product fits perfectly with other Sub-Zero Wolf appliances.

Niva Von Weisl, Managing Director, Sub Zero Wolf-India

Sub-Zero Wolf is a global leader producing versatile range of food premium kitchen appliances and food preservations systems (refrigerators & wine chillers). Sub-Zero was founded in 1945 by Westye F. Bakke and in 2000, Wolf became a part of Sub-Zero, bringing two iconic brands together

The brand understands the uniqueness of the Indian market, and has created some paramount differences in its offerings for the Indian household. Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, they have a branch in Mumbai. Niva Von Weisl, Managing Director of Sub-Zero & Wolf India is driven with a single-minded focus on quality products and design.

All the products are built in their own facilities, giving them full control over quality. All products are lab-tested under extreme conditions. Every part of the products is tested thoroughly prior to assembly. And once assembled, every finished product is tested extensively for dependability.

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