China unveils plans for world’s first pollution-eating ‘Forest City’

New plans unveiled for Liuzhou Forest City, designed by the Italian firm Stefano Boeri Architetti will be built in southern China.The 342-acre spread area will comprise more than 70 buildings including homes, hospitals, hotels, schools and offices – all of which will be covered with 40,000 trees and numerous plants. Eventually, up to 30,000 people could call the Forest City home.

Indeed, the Chinese government announced last year that it planned to move two million people from remote villages into cities by 2020 in an attempt to relieve rural poverty and introduce modernisation.

“We’ve seen what’s happening (in terms of pollution) in Beijing and Shanghai, but at the same time, China has to create to cities to accommodate the population”, he said. “We started to imagine if it was possible to create an urban environment created from many of these vertical forests”, Boeri added.

But, while the Liuzhou Municipality Urban Planning Bureau has approved the plan, the project’s completion will take a long time, since the construction is set to begin in 2020.

(Source: CNN)

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