Changing trends of colours and textures in design


Individual preferences in colours, designs and texture finishes play an important role when it comes to products we buy. While the trends continuously evolve in colour and design patterns, it is not necessary to follow trends while choosing the right colour palette for your home.  The interiors of a house can be turned attractive by choosing the right shades of colour and suitable texture. Home reflects the personality of the owner and one should wisely choose colours to keep a balance of aesthetics and tranquillity.  

For example, we have seen a trend where people are choosing muted shades of lemon yellow or lime green in living rooms or bedrooms. They believed that it gives a cosy effect and makes the interior look spacious. Textured painting on walls in various finishes is also an evergreen trend and people still choose different intricate designs to complement their interiors. It is recommended that you pick a texture depending on what kind of tone you wish to set. Choosing yellow with a matte finish can add a wide dimension to one’s room and it is considered as a trend.

The colour grey has been one of the most strikingly neutral shades, which has its own aura. The perception of the colour grey has changed over time from being a dark and dull shade reflecting gloominess to being a shade, which is unique and sophisticated. However, the combinations and textures used along with grey play a major role in achieving a certain aesthetic look and feel of a particular interior space. Bright and light shade furnishings will always compliment spaces that have grey walls. Since the wall is dark it is essential that the furniture and the decor is played around with contrasting colours like white, off-white, blue, green and other earthy colours to highlight the other existing elements in that space.

With the increasing level of pollution, customers are now looking for products that are environment friendly. Paints, which are low on VOC and are odourless is a trend now. We at Berger Paints ensure that all our other decorative products are environment friendly and compliant to global standards.

Abhijit Roy, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer with Berger Paints India Limited has been heading the company for the past 7 years. The company has continued to grow under his leadership through both organic growth and strategic acquisition and collaborations over the years.

Under his leadership, Berger Paints today is ranked the 15th largest paint company globally and the market cap of the company has risen nearly by 500% in a span of 5 years.

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