CEPT to host South Asia’s first Archiprix

05-1Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) University is all set to host South Asia’s first Archiprix – a biennial competition of graduate projects in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape from February 1 to 10, 2016. The 10-day event will exhibit 23 projects by designers and architects from across the world, that have been nominated for the prestigious Hunter Douglas Awards. CEPT University President Bimal Patel told, “Hosting Archiprix is a huge honour for CEPT. It must be CEPT University’s reputation as an international centre for excellence in architecture, its diverse student body along with our promise of ‘Amdavadi’ hospitality that probably won for us the opportunity to host the event.”

Patel said he is hopeful that hosting the international competition in India will allow budding designers and architects in the country to benefit from being exposed to the best minds and latest ideas displayed at one place. An astounding 385 projects, designed by some 470 young architects, landscape architects and urban designers, were entered for the 2017 edition of the highly acclaimed international competition. An international jury comprising CEPT President Bimal Patel (India), Frida Escobedo (Mexico), Yttje Feddes (Netherlands), Marina Tabassum (Bangladesh), and Steven Smith (England) reviewed all submitted projects and nominated the best 23 for the competition.

Admitting that reviewing the projects, all of them quite stellar, was quite a difficult task, Patel said, “Finally, we agreed upon the 23 projects that could communicate their ideas in an effective and simple manner.” Apart from hosting the event, CEPT has also prepared the 2300 panels and architectural models for all the nominated projects in a dedicated CEPT Winter School course.

Radhika Amin, academic associate, Faculty of Architecture, said, “Such a collaborative workshop between the designer and students is a first in the history of Archiprix. The students, in the process, explored a range of materials and modelling techniques like timber, copper plates, acrylic, jelly wax, resin casting, cane weaving and even sawdust, caramel and lac which will be displayed in the exhibition along with the nominated projects on February 10.” Being organised for the first time in South Asia, the competition will bring students from major architecture schools, urban design and landscape architecture to Ahmedabad bringing opportunity for city students to view best of the projects by students worldwide.


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