CenturyPly launches ‘Sainik 710’

CenturyPly has launched ‘Sainik 710’. This is an addition to its existing economic plywood segment, ‘Sainik’ MR Grade commercial plywood. Sainik 710, a marine grade and boiling water proof panelboards are designed to withstand all harsh weather conditions, providing a perfect solution for all kinds of furniture needs.

Manufactured using selected eco-friendly timbers and bonded with high-quality BWP grade modified PF resin, ‘Sainik 710’ plywood and blockboards come with CenturyPly’s patented Glue Line internal protection and ACC treatment. These features give complete protection to the panels against borers and termites. This product will be available at a uniform price range across the country.

‘Sainik 710’ plywood and blockboards are 100% borer and termite-proof and comes with a 5-years warranty with an aim to provide more finesse to homes and peace of mind to the consumers. Offered in large format panels, available in thickness ranging from 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12 mm, 16mm,19 mm and 25 mm to suit the varied requirements of the consumers.

The superior quality in economic range and increased durability make ‘Sainik 710’, good for a wide range of applications.

Some salient features:


  1. Manufactured using selected eco-friendly timber
  2. High resistance to all climatic conditions
  3. Bonded with BWP grade modified PF resin
  4. Glue Line Protection and ACC treatment
  5. One India, One Price


  1. Manufactured in accordance with IS: 710
  2. Boiling Water Proof Grade plywood and blockboard
  3. Borer and Termite proof with a 5-year warranty

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