C Tribhovandas & Co. introduces ‘SHADES’ series from Imola Italy

C Tribhovandas & Co., the purveyors of luxury tiles now unveils SHADES, the series of wall ceramic tile by Imola Ceramica. ‘SHADES’ has drawn its inspiration from the Mediterranean light, colours and sensations that only that unique nature can evoke. The chromatic vibrations of shades become veritable explosions of colours where the solar hues of beige, yellow, orange and red mix with the marine colours of white, aquamarine, blue and light blue to achieve bright, intense and energetic surfaces. The natural elements shape a dynamic and solar effect.

The traditional ceramic colours and glazes have been reinterpreted with a contemporary approach that make ‘Shades’ an extremely striking collection. The plain tile and decorative elements of 20×60 cm are enhanced by two variations of mosaic: classical and so-called fish scale. The two types of decorative pieces imitate fanciful hand painting. ‘SHADES’ from Imola is available exclusively at C Tribovandas & Co.

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