Bonphul Air Products unveils its oxygen optimiser

Bonphul Air Products has launched oxygen optimiser ‘OxyMax’.   Co-founded by Prodyut Bora and Narendra Bisht in July 2017, OxyMax operates in a ‘split’ mode, with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit harvests oxygen from the outside air and pumps it indoor, where it is dispensed by the indoor unit. This increases the oxygen level in the indoor air from its current level to 21%, creating an environment of freshness and vigour.

Narendra Bisht, COO, Bonphul Air Products said, “Running OxyMax for a couple of hours leaves you feeling totally invigorated, fully charged, just the way you felt when you took-in pure air during your last vacation in the mountains.” Further, Bisht adds, “In terms of look, they appear pretty much like a split AC with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. But that is where the difference ends. While ACs merely circulate and re-circulate the same oxygen-deficient indoor air, OxyMax pumps in oxygen from outside and raises the quality of indoor air to mountain levels.”

Commenting on the recent seed funds that the company has raised, Bisht said, “The company will use the funds for setting up a sales & marketing infrastructure. Our initial four months have been devoted purely to R&D and product development. Now it is time to hit the market. So far we have managed with our own bootstrap capital. The seed round will take OxyMax from the R&D lab to the market.”

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