BMC unable to find contractor for recycling construction debris

The BMC is in search of the contractor company for over a year that will help in recycling construction and debris of the city. The project was started first in Delhi in 2009 and many other cities followed the same. However, the civic body is not getting a contractor who can take the load of the country’s biggest debris creator city.

According to the C&D waste management rules notified in 2016, procurement of 10 to 20 per cent of material made from construction and debris waste is mandatory in municipal and government contracts. The deadline to follow these guidelines expired in March 2018. There are around 7200-7500 metric tons garbage produced daily in the city. Beside 1000-1200 tons debris and construction material is also piled up daily. The High Court had banned construction activity in 2016 after Municipal Corporation’s inability to manage waste. There are thousands of infrastructure projects, including residential/commercial towers building going across the city. After the ban, the BMC identified places where to deposit debris and Supreme Court has uplifted ban for a limited period. In the meantime, the BMC tried to start construction and debris recycling facility in the Mumbai and made provision of INR 7 crore in the 2018-19 budget. But even after a year, the civic body couldn’t find any firm who will take the responsibility for city’s debris.

“There are some projects of recycling debris in the country. But they are of small size considering the huge amount of debris produced daily here in the city,” said an officer with the BMC. He added, “But now BMC will think about starting smaller but multiple plants to recycle waste. There will be provision for this project next year also, as it is an important job.”

Delhi was the first city in the country to start construction waste recycling plant in 2009. Since then, two more have started functioning. The three have a capacity to produce 2,650 metric tonnes of recycled waste daily.

Source: DNA

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