BMC plans to illuminate Sewri fort

A proposal to beautify British era Sewri Fort with decorative lighting will be tabled for approval before the civic standing committee on Wednesday. BMC plans the beautification at a cost of INR 76 lakh.

A colourful illumination is planned with a combination of red, green and blue lights, similar to BMC’s headquarters opposite Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT), which is a tourist attraction.

The fort, built in the 1600s, acted as a watch tower atop a quarried hill overlooking Mumbai harbour. Built primarily for defence, it is bordered by high stone walls, including an inner ring for added protection.

Civic officials said 200 LED lamps would illuminate the fort and various parts of it, like the domes, walls, staircases and entry gate. A civic official said, “The fort is known for its architectural beauty, especially its dome-like structures. Since it is visited by many locals and tourists, BMC decided to beautify it with decorative lights.”

The contract for illuminating it has been given to Chaitra Electricals, and it will include a one-year of defect liability, which is if lights are stolen or damaged, they will be replaced by the contractor.


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