Blending Art & Technology with Wooden Furniture

ALANKARAM launches collection that was inspired by the thought of embracing technology in furniture, which is one of the most used items on day to day basis. Their collection comprises of tech enabled study table, TV unit & console, Sofas with wireless charging etc.

Even though the room sizes in today’s world are shrinking by every passing minute, it’s not hard to find living rooms large enough that they have to be split into separate sections with dining area usually occupying the other half. Utilising every inch to its best possible use is primary in most urban interior design schemes.

Lovit Study Table

This modern desk is equipped with features like built in Plug port which comes handy for charging gadgets, a Qi certified Wireless charger at other end ensures charging on smartphones. Inbuilt Bluetooth speaker with remote function is an add on. Wires are not visible since they travel from the legs of the table and can be connected to wall socket nearby or powered from the floor.

Mysig Sofa

The beauty of teakwood grains coupled with electromagnetic induction charging, Mysig sofa is combination of teak in its framework which along with the seating is comfortable. Additional drawer on the side has a built in socket for wireless charging and enough storage for AC and TV remotes.

Stiga TV Lift/Console

It has in-built motorised TV lift which can make your TV disappear with a click of a button. Table top is ideal for usage as a serving or bar counter. With front drawers, the unit is not short of storage and can be modified to store Cutlery units or your vintage wine bottles.

Anupriya Sahu, Sr Architect and founder, Alankaram says, “With shrinking living space and rising apartment culture in metro as well as non metro cities, it has become almost difficult to fit in all furniture and modern amenities in home. Hence the thought provoked to develop unique functionality and make essential furniture tech enabled according to the modern age. Apart from saving space, the home looks clutter free with contemporary furniture.”

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