Bharat Floorings unveils the new look of Mumbai showroom

Motivated by its enterprising and collaborative nature, the 98 years young Bharat Floorings and Tiles unveiled its new look of the Mumbai showroom on June 22, which is based in  the old Governor’s mansion at Fort. Designed by Ravi Vazirani, the showroom showcases the heritage of the brand, while showcasing some of the new directions the brand is taking.

They presented an exclusive look at their new collections.

AKSHAR: Akshar is a range of cement objects inspired by the Devanagari script. The two letters developed currently are ई and फ. These objects are designed as organizers for visiting cards and for penholders, they also double up as beautiful concrete paperweights. The individual blocks can be placed as a standalone or as a group. Akshar can be produced in all of Bharat’s colours.


PLIEN  – SQUARE WALL CLADDING : This square wall tiles, is composed of repeated three-dimensional geometries to, produce versatile and strikingly beautiful textures for the wall or vertical surface they are installed on. The four distinct designs can be produced in all of Bharat’s colours and produce a variety of patterns when rotated and installed.


TERRAZZO TABLE TOPS: The minimalist piece of furniture is built for durability and style used for indoors. Ours is a modern, upcycled twist that incorporates cement and crushed coloured glass.


Some new additions: Carpets and other floor coverings inspired by the company’s many designs. Household objects made of cement and terrazzo. Micro cement based furniture.


Firdaus Variava, Vice-Chairman of Bharat Floorings and Tiles, shared a quote; I’ve asked thousands of people, “Where are you when you get your best ideas?” On only one occasion did someone seriously say, “In my workplace.” He added, “For any given Creative Space, the place itself needs to have elements that inspire creativity.

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