Bent Chair on an expansion spree; to focus on foreign markets in span of six months

(Image: ANI)

Indian furniture and accessories e-tailer Bent Chair has announced expanding its presence into the international markets with the help of a franchisee based model and retail tie-ups in several countries.

The move by the lifestyle brand company is expected to churn a revenue of INR 15 Cr. over the next six months with an in-house investment of about INR One Cr.

With the growing demand for traditional Indian craftsmanship, Bent Chair has been able to successfully secure its spot in several cities around the globe. China, a dynamic market with a huge potential to secure volume sales, is the first to become active, with a retail store opening in the city of Ningbo by the end of August.

Bent Chair’s expansion in the Indian market will also see a spurt in the number of cities their products are available in. 30-35 retailers based in metro and tier I cities like  Mumbai,Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur, Bhopal will adopt Bent Chair products.

“Our expansion into the international markets as well as metro and tier I cities in India is expected to generate a revenue in excess of 15 crores in the same time-period,” said founder of Bent Chair, Natasha Jain.

“We aim to become a household name for furniture and home-decor products globally in the next few years,” added Jain.

With five manufacturing facilities in Ambala, Bent Chair also functions at its primary manufacturing unit and four facilities that have been set up for polishing, carving, weaving and painting of Bent Chair products.


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