Bengaluru to launch project on Jan 26; Bungalow construction in a few days

3D monolithic modular construction

Bengaluru is set to lead the way as the city will soon see the launch the first-of-its-kind project on January 26 where people can choose a design for their independent bungalow online and the construction can be completed in a few days.

“We have designed the entire project with the aim to deliver one house a day. It will be similar to buying a car; you chose the model and get it delivered. Our facility can cast a complete building in a day. We will deliver a villa in a week,” said S J Vijay, Director, Hommission, on the sidelines of the launching of Global Housing Challenge.

The global challenge, which was kicked off by Hardeep Singh Puri, Union housing minister on Monday, aims at introducing best technologies that reduce the construction period and cost as well. Vijay said they have already delivered a project in Mumbai where a five-storey building with 20 apartments was built in 33 days using 3D Monolithic Modular Construction. This technology is widely used for building houses in Australia.

In this case, the casting of modules is undertaken on site or off the site. Foundation is laid at the site using modern technology, which reduces the total time taken. The modules are then transported to the site and are fixed either by bolting, welding or normal grouting. The three-dimensional modular units are produced in controlled factory conditions.

India has invited private players and technology firms to showcase the best option for faster and cheaper houses without compromising on quality. “The programme intends to get best globally available innovative construction technologies through a challenging process. It seeks to demonstrate and deliver ready to live-in houses in a shorter time, with lower cost and quality construction in a sustainable manner,” a housing ministry official said.

The housing ministry has already identified 16 technologies including the 3D monolithic modular construction.

Source: TOI


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