Attaining equilibrium between indoors and outdoors

The Parking Lot, Kolkata, Patch Design Studio

With quirky themed restaurants flourishing in the industry, Patch Design Studio has made an effort to create one such themed design language for their recent project. Designing with detail and adopting a design element, the designer has tried to amalgamate the indoor and the outdoor spaces in one living space.



Concept of the Place

The name, ‘The Parking Lot’, itself was the driving force behind the design language to be adopted for the space. An effort was made in making a closed enclosed space transform into a bar which looked like an outdoor bar attached to a parking lot. Every element designed needed to be carefully detailed and a conscious thought process was to be followed so as to achieve a perfect balance between an indoor and outdoor vibe through one single living space.


Throughout the design journey, a constant balancing between having elements which make it look like an outdoor space and yet have a cosy indoor space vibe was the most important task that needed to be followed and maintained. As the space is a themed bar, not going overboard with it and yet making a statement in the neighbourhood is what they have wished to achieve as the designers for ‘The Parking Lot’.

patch design studio is a young, multi-disciplinary design studio started by Ipsit Patel and Rika Chaudhry. They believe that built environments in diverse spheres contribute in various ways to individuals and businesses. They realise that every client and program is different and hence each project brings with it, its own unique criteria. As a team, they believe in providing design solutions that work at every scale, creating cohesion between the overall contexts to the minutest details. They define built environments in the widest possible way. Their scope of work thus ranges from entertainment venues, to restaurants and retail outlets, from exhibition spaces to temporary installations, from residential, commercial and institutional interiors to architectural and urban environments. Both partners, have worked together on several projects ranging from documentary films to architecture and design competitions. Sharing a common design sensibility, together they set up Patch, a multidisciplinary design studio in Mumbai. Coming from varied backgrounds and having worked individually with a range of other design practices, both partners bring diverse experiences with a mutual philosophy of design to the table.


Execution of the ‘parking lot’ feel

The bar wishes to act as a perfect neighbourhood bar and at the same time attract dinners of every age group, hence it was crucial to introduce design elements and use a language with which customers of varied range could connect to. Just when one enters the premise of this bar, on the ground floor a large feature wall showcasing 500 odd plus cars parked at the parking lot along with a reception designed as a garage, welcomes one and all. The stair connecting the ground floor to the main dining space on the upper floor is a perfect transition space with having one wall featuring a custom designed concrete water fountain and a large green wall emitting the vibes of an outdoor in contrast to the other wall which is completely cladded using the yellow and the black strips to give a vibe of a zoomed in roadway.

As one enters the main dining and the gaming space on the upper floor, it was a deliberate move to make the Bar and the Main Feature Wall, which is completely clothed in hand-painted street art as the main design feature which leaves a lasting impression on one, when they visit the space. The bar is cladded with rustic copper sheet and bar backdrop wall is finished in burnt-wood multiple horizontal strips. The design of the bar makes it a perfect setup for the dual-natured space. In the day time, the bar is subtle and yet a statement and in the night the lighting fixtures add a rustic and some rough glam to space. Perhaps the only challenge was to find a perfect DJ Booth since from the start having a Cut- Van which comes across as an illusion of being partly inside the space and partly outside the premises was something that as the designers of the space we were keen on.

fact file:
Architect Patch Design Studio
Project Name The Parking Lot
Client Aditya Mehta
Location 24 Park Street, Kolkata
Design Team Patch Design Studio
Commencement Date 20.03.2018
Completion Date 20.08.2018
Area 2410 sf. ft. (Including kitchen & dining)
Photographer Kashvi Gidwani


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