Asia’s first vertical forest building to produce 60kg of oxygen every day

vertical-forest-stefano-boeri-china-2Green design is truly reaching new heights with a vertical forest integrated into the design of a multi-storeyed building in Nanjing, China.

Designed by Italian architect Stefano Boeri, the man behind Bosco Verticale, as Asia’s first ever vertical forest, the project, Nanjing Towers consists of two towers – standing 200 metres and 110 metres high – with the taller tower to contain offices, a museum, a green architecture school and a rooftop club, and the smaller tower to house a 247-room Hyatt hotel and a rooftop pool.

Between them, the two towers will feature over 1,000 trees and approximately 2,500 shrubs from 23 different local species with an aim to regenerate local biodiversity. The 23 different tree varieties will produce around 132 pounds (60kg) of oxygen every day.

vertical-forest-stefano-boeri-china-3The Italian architect has already designed similar projects in Milan with a few more proposed for Lausanne, Switzerland. The Nanjing project will be completed in 2018.


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