Asahi India Glass Ltd. enters retrofitting market with the launch of AIS Renew

Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) has entered the glass replacement and retrofitting market by introducing AIS Renew in India. It is a revolutionary solution which converts a Glazed Unit (SGU or IGU) into an energy-saving Insulated Glazed Unit (IGU) by installing Low-E glass from the inside. The installation procedure is very quick and does not require any scaffolding which makes it an ideal solution for energy-saving renovations in existing buildings.

Vikram Khanna, COO – Architectural Institutional Business, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Asahi India Glass Limited said “Global market size of retrofitting & replacement of glass is estimated as 40% of glass used in construction/architectural segment. The government in developed countries provides incentives (in terms of tax benefits) to the building owners for retrofitting for the purpose of reducing energy consumption and increasing the green rating of the building. In India, glass retrofitting is at a very nascent phase. With an increase in awareness about the carbon footprint, it is expected that retrofitting old buildings by incorporating energy efficient glass solutions will drive the market for replacement glass. AIS has introduced AIS Renew to address the need of glass retrofitting in India.”

Meeting roomAIS Renew provides the benefit of reducing the heat gain in buildings due to its excellent energy saving properties without compromising on the natural light coming inside the building or the brilliant aesthetics that add value to the façade. And in winter, they ensure solar gain. So that no matter what the season, people inside stay comfortable at all times. It helps in cutting energy costs by reducing load on air conditioners and cutting down on artificial lighting.

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