Artist Drew Conrad creates new sculptures using his old installations

‘The Desert is a Good Place to Die’, curated by Mitra Khorasheh, is a new exhibition of works created by Drew Conrad that utilises dismembered parts of his old installations to build new sculptures intended to reflect ceremonial shrines of distant cultures.

thedesertisagoodplacetodie_01-640x0-c-defaultThe structures vary in size, delicacy, and complexity, and call to mind feelings of vulnerability, dependency, and our fundamental ties to sentient beings. Conrad explained the theme in a statement, “A piece of me went missing when six years of creative output was erased from the world, now existing only as a ‘phantom limb.’ I have been known to say that the desert is a good place to die. This foreboding thought has existed since the first time I set foot in the arid lands of the Southwest, and traveled across and upward into the Rockies. It is a harsh, rugged, beautiful terrain that beckons me like my own modern day Manifest Destiny, but at times exudes a feeling that death is lingering in the air just beyond the horizon.”


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