Art installation comes up in Presidency

A steel installation, ‘The Pinnacle Arch’, has come up within Kolkata’s Presidency University campus here on completion of 200 years of journey of the premier institution.

Former West Bengal governor M K Narayanan unveiled the installation before the start of the 5th convocation of Presidency University on August 19.  Narayanan was the chief guest at the convocation.

The installation comprises a series of 52 steel pipes planted in a circle, the first of which forms an arch while the rest bend outward till the last one stands upright at a height of 17.5 ft.

The installation symbolises the movement from a shelter to the open sky, the representation of the journey of an individual and the institute from a sheltered environment to collective aspiration, said Abin Chaudhuri, the head of the team that designed the installation.

“This is part of the effort to make Presidency a landmark and a centre of excellence in every way. The Presidency fraternity, the students, teaching and non-teaching staff and the alumni are all stakeholders in the present initiative which also includes setting up of a gallery in the campus,” university registrar Debajyoti Konar told reporters.


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