Architect incorporates 3D modeling and printing technology into her confectionary.

Chocolate block

001-big-720x720Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko, inspired by her background in architecture, makes geometric desserts that look far more like tiny sculptures than soft, velvety cakes. She graduated from the Kharkov University Architecture School, then worked as an architect, designer and 3D visualiser, frequently utilising 3D printing technology in her work

“I have always been interested in art,” she says. “I also had a lot of experience in photography and just a few years ago finally discovered baking for myself. I’m trying to connect architecture, design and patisserie. A beautiful cake as well as a beautiful building needs preliminary design. It’s necessary to work with the form, volume, composition, proportion, color, and texture correctly.” One imagines that Kasko’s creative mind, so attuned to the keen specificity of design, simply applied those techniques to scrumptious sweets.

cakediptych1-720x360Now, she makes her own moulds for unique desserts. According to Jessica Jones at Dezeen, Kasko’s silicone molds are made with Autodesk’s 3ds Max software. The results are genuine works of edible art like matte-white-chocolate bubbles encasing layers of sponge cake and guava; a geometric ‘concrete’ diamond, dark and Brutalist on its exterior with a soft, chocolate-cake interior; a Mondrian-esque chocolate square, nearly cut into pieces, its lines filled with something red and delicious. It takes an algorithm to make them.

Kasko’s persona is deliberately approachable and friendly. “Hello! I’m Pastry Chef from Ukraine,” she says. “I started to bake like most housewives, with some simple cakes and pies, but it quickly turned into my passion. I’m studying, modeling, and baking. I prefer simple plain geometric shapes, like cubes, triangles, and spheres.”

To make it all the more accessible, she sells some of her 3D pastry molds for people who want to attempt a Zaha Hadid-inspired layer cake.


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