Archaeologists discover three thousand years old settlement near UP’s Bhadohi

A more than three thousand years old town was found in the village of Dwarkapur-Agiyabeer, near Uttar Pradesh’s Basti, in an excavation by Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology Department Team of BHU. During the excavation, the archaeologists discovered remains of weapons made out of bones, sculptures made of mud, floor tiles and utensils.The town is believed to be 3,500-4,500 years old.The digging of the site, which is now believed to be a settlement of fishermen, started in 1999. Director Dr Ashok Kumar Singh told that evidence of two cultures has been found; Iron-Stone Age and Copper-Stone Age.

Equipment made out of iron, spears, parts of swords, axes were also excavated from the site.

Excavators also found beads which are likely to have been used for beautification.

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