Aparna Venster ventures into Villa Windows

Bungalow-Villa Series

Aparna Venster, a bi-product of Aparna Group, is a company providing end-to-end solutions in uPVC windows and doors, announces the launch of Villa Windows for the India market. Villa Windows by Aparna Venster is a  combination of elegance and design offering premium yet most advanced safety features. The windows comes with iron grill and double sash which acts as a dual seal to control noise intrusion and temperature change or loss.

The newly launched Villa windows are sturdy because of the multi-chambered design and the high wall thickness which is around 2.2 mm makes them even tougher. Additionally, the extra wide reinforcement makes them unbreakable and helps bear high wind loads as well. These windows also come in ‘wide’ options of upto three frames and are also available with a mesh option. One can choose from a range of colours to suit their interest and taste. The windows can also be customised as per individual requirements. The price range starts from Rs. 1200-1400 per sq feet for a basic model and goes as high as Rs. 1800-2000 per sq feet.

Key features:

  • Weather resistant
  • Sturdy and secure
  • Insects and mosquito resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • High quality
  • Protects from dust, rain and pollution

Presence and availability: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and New Delhi

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