Anchor honours designers at the fifth edition of IIID Design Excellence Awards

IMG-20170208-WA0006The Grand Finale of the 2016 Anchor Awards in association with the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) came to an emphatic end at Bali this weekend. The IIID Award recognises and honours the finest designers who demonstrate excellence in the field of design every year.

Eminent architects, interior designers, design consultants, academicians, artists and editors were part of the jury board who holistically reviewed and critiqued the designs in a process which was extremely transparent and efficient. The award trophy was designed by the renowned designer Michael Foley.

This is the 19th year of the IIID Awards and the fifth year of its collaboration with Anchor Electricals. Since 2011, IIID has collaborated with Anchor Electricals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation to take forward its legacy of excellence for hosting the most coveted award in the country. Acknowledging the emerging talent in interior designing, senior management of Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd and IIID were present at the ceremony in Bali.

Ashok Gangar, Director- Sales and Marketing, Anchor, commented, “The industry is in need for ideas and fresh talent who have the ability to create new fundamentals of design and change our outlook towards it. We at Anchor Electricals have channeled the ethics of design time and again into our products, and thus are proud of our continued association with an initiative which helps professionals and upcoming designers exhibit their skills and talent. To bolster this thought further, we have also added a category of ‘Panasonic LED Lighting Design Award’ this year .

With affordable housing now receiving infrastructure status, we will now need to make sure that these award winners continue to drive innovation in the space designs and help us build a new India. These talented individuals will now have to give a robust thought to creating designs with a difference, thus extending the dimension from designs to responsible designs.”

PratapJadhav, President IIID, said, “We at IIID have always believed in creating innovative ways in which we can portray our designs to the masses. Every year, we try to engulf the attention of the design fraternity towards creating a sustained dialogue about design within the community and the nation at large. This year our efforts have brought us here in Bali, an endeavour- we hope further translates into unearthing new talents who have the ability to change the face of the industry as we know it. We are eyeing to make IIID an organisation that celebrates design in its truest sense. We are hoping that by raising the benchmarks of these awards, we will be able to use the platform to bring together the experience of the design maestros and enthusiasm of the generation-next, to design spaces which benefit the needs of our end consumers.”

Architect Tanuja B. K., Chairperson, IIID Anchor Awards Committee stated, “After mapping more than seven hundredentries this year, I’m extremely enthused and overwhelmed by the amount of quality designs which were at our disposal. We’ve always strived towards making IIID awards a global event, now that we’re, we hope towards replicating our success. IIID is eyeing to go international soon and hopes to add the design experience of the international designers to enrich the Indian interior designing landscape further by incorporating some of the best global practices.”

The National Awards had over 36 winning Participants across 11 categories including established as well as new-talents. The list of awardees included some of the best designs by the likes of Saka, Tao Architecture, DipenGada & Associates, Sparsh Design Studio, Studio Infinity, S + PS Architects, The Cross Boundaries, FirkiStudio, SfurnaDesigns, Sanctuary Architects, Opolis, Lovekar Design Associates, Rust Design Studio, Thought Parallels, Envisage, Architecture Discipline,  Essteam, The Orange Lane, Dcoop Architects, AbinDesign Studio, Third Space Architecture Studio, Somaya and Kalappa, Saili Malpani & Gaurav Chandiwala, 1Leapingfrog Studio, Project 810, Manoj Patel Design studio, Ashwini Pethe, AanganArchitects, Studio Alternatives.

The Panasonic LED Lighting Design Award was bagged by Dhruv Gupta while Affordable Design for the Masses Practice Winner was Prasanna Desai Architects, who won the award for their affordable housing project.

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