An Upbeat transition of a Corporate Space

This project is an integration of various features put together and unified by a common theme which makes the office space a respite from usual corporate spaces, providing a great work environment for the employees. The representation of the brand name in the design forms the USP of the Sunrise office.

Gone are those days when Monday morning meant a dreadful day back to work after a warm and cosy weekend. It’s time that people got excited that it’s a ‘back to work’ day. Spaces & Design shows how the workspace can be a fun place and can keep one
coming back with more enthusiasm each day. The office for Sunrise Foods Pvt Ltd., epitomises a lively and fun filled office design that is warm and cheerful and breaks away from the monotony of boring work spaces.

Located in the neighbourhood of Salt Lake, the business hub of
Kolkata, Sector – 5, the 8500 sq. ft. of office space. Being sufficiently spacious and evoking the feel of a loft, the project is contemporary,stylish and comfortable to the core of working. The project has been conceptualised from its brand name ‘Sunrise’. Going by its literal meaning, the office has been spurted with a warm colour scheme of the yellowish orange tinge. Ranging from the walls to the flooring and even the furniture, everything displays a shade of the sun.

Spaces Design is an established Interior
and Architecture firm that was started in 2006 by Pooja Bihani. The design mantra here is to ‘Constantly Innovate’. It has created a diverse portfolio in residential, commercial and lifestyle interiors and architecture. The firm has designed around 1,60,000 sq. ft. area and counting. It is
not limited to the city of Kolkata but has executed
projects in Bangalore, Pune, Orissa as well. The purpose of Spaces & Design is to create environs that epitomise harmony, aesthetics, and optimum functionality; Enriching the life of the user in his habitat. Pooja graduated as a Gold Medalist from College of Architecture, Kolhapur, Maharashtra in 1999. She started her career with Sunil Tainwala of Aarteg as a designer in 2000. She lives her passion, adding photography and travelling to her interest. Pooja has always believed in upgrading and updating to new trends and designs.


The entire feel of the space can be soaked in from the entrance lobby itself which portrays a bright red reception desk with the rays of the sun embossed on it and the logo of the brand ‘Sunrise’ on the wall behind it. The arrangement of the workstations can be described as nothing other than fun, as the combination of white and yellow plays a positive impact on the minds of the employees. The exposed HVAC system on the ceiling along with the hanging pendant lights is a striking contrast. The rawness of the exposed ceiling in addition to the random yellow tiles amidst white on the floor makes it a playful environment, just like a Lego set up.

The main highlight of the workspace, is the central informal sitting area. As soon as one enters the office, the vivid rendition of artificial turf on the floor surrounded by wooden posts along its periphery sure marks an impact. Accessorised with lounge chairs, the central space provides a relaxed and out of the box area in the middle of the office space for informal meetings or a relaxing break time with a cup of coffee or a book.

The praying area is at one end of the corridor. Even the puja space radiates a glowing ray of the sun characterised by bright yellow paint and cove lighting. It forms a defined frame for the idol. The cafeteria doesn’t miss a chance to surprise one by its warmth. The yellow and orange chairs along with the white and yellow checkerboard flooring bring in a mellow ambience.

fact file:
Project Name Sunrise Foods Ltd.
Location Kolkata
Area Sector V, Salt Lake
Client Gaurav Sharma
Design Team Pooja Bihani, Soumadip Mondal
Commencement April 2016
Completion July 2016
Photographer Vivek Das

As one moves to the private areas of the office, the playfulness subtly changes into a more elite environment. The board room having a capacity of 20 members emotes out a grand vibe. It has been adorned with wooden furnishing on the ceiling that extends down to the wall. But, what strikes up one’s attention is the exposed brick finish on one of the walls. It forms a perfect rustic backdrop to the luxurious board room. The directors’ rooms have the perfect advantage of overlooking the neighbourhood of Salt Lake and the water bodies surrounding it. Wooden furnishing dominates with the use of wooden flooring and veneer wall panelling that complements the full height glass walls. All the rooms have been facilitated with state-of-the–art automation systems that positively increase the efficiency of the users.

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