Adam Nathaniel Furman designs furniture installation for Milan Design Week 2017

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London-based Adam Nathaniel Furman was commissioned by Camp Design Gallery for the Milan Design Week/Fuori Salone 2017 to create a new installation, titled 4 Characters in the First Act and curated by Marco Sammicheli. It comprises furniture described by Furman as ‘bursting with personality’.

Drawing inspiration from Italy, the pieces draw from Korean, Balian, Thai, and Chinese imagery. The installation has been made with traditional Italian craft, using hand-made Lombard timber carpentry and painted steel.

“Imagine a Thai business lady, and an Italian backpacker, spending a long, exciting, passion and drug-fuelled night together in a Chinese club,” said Furman. “Well these pieces are the embodiment of this kind of wonderful, sensual and aesthetic trans-continental exchange.”

“In an age of increasing isolationism and gloom, this is a collection that picks up on Marco Polo’s legacy, and is the celebratory, colorful expression of a desire to travel, and to meet and make exciting, strange new things,” he added.


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