A-Class Surfaces International unveils Fiandre

A-Class Surfaces International has launched its Italy based Fiandre collection.

Fiandre combines decades of experience with aptitude and innovation strategy and branches into five distinct slab types. Maximum Fiandre Extralite combines complete design freedom with high flexibility. In an innovative 300×150 cm format, Maximum is a material that combines the established, classical characteristics of Fiandre’s top range porcelain stoneware, with new advantages, high technical performance, lightness and versatility.

Maximum tiles are super-sized for ventilated façades. In addition to the exceptional size, it offers the novelty of a minimum thickness. The technology available has made it possible to create stunning slabs in a minimum thickness of 6 mm and other smooth surfaces without compromising on quality.

Marmi Maximum offers fine, decorative solutions, enriched by inimitable colour variations and unique vein effects.

Due to its lightness and ease of installation, it is ideal for covering any surface. The lower weight of the individual slabs adds to the logistical advantage of transportation and handling at the site.

The high performance of high-tech porcelain stoneware is combined with the specific lookof resin to create HQ Resin. 

  • Available in large sizes and 6 mm thickness.
  • Easy to use as a furnishing element.
  • Resistant and durable.

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