3 Graduates develop playground for BBMP school at Rs 6,000 cost

Aishwarya C, Sanjana Prakash and Aishwarya Pai

Using old tyres, scaffolding, rope and leftover paint, three architecture graduates have converted a 153 sq.ft. of empty space in a BBMP nursery school in Byrasandra into a playground.

The play equipment, which consists of a rope bridge, a tyre jungle gym and a rope ladder and blackboard set, was installed at a cost of Rs 6,000 by Aishwarya Pai, Aishwarya C and Sanjana Prakash over a two-week period.

The trio calls the project, Replay, as it both ‘reactivates playing for students and uses recycled materials’

“During the internship period in our final year, we noticed that a lot of material goes waste during construction process. When we graduated from BMS School of Architecture in July, we first thought we could build something using this leftover material and organise an art exhibition. Later, we came up with the idea of developing a playground,” said Pai.

The trio then got in touch with N Nagaraj, Ward Corporator, Byrasandra, who gave his nod for the project and connected them to the school.

“This was the only school without a playground and had so much open space. We were given a 17 sq. ft. by 9 sq. ft. space to work with. We started sourcing materials from our houses, scrap yards and an architecture firm that had leftover paint. While we did most of the work ourselves, including the rope work, we hired a carpenter and welder as well. The entire project cost just Rs 6,000 including the labour,” Pai pointed out that the team has already started work on another project. “An apartment complex wants us to build a dog park for them. While this will be a different sort of playground from the one we just built, we are looking forward to working on it,” added Pai.

Source: The Times of India

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