2016 International Green Design Awards: Call for Entries

A’ Design Award & Competition announced the call for submissions to the yearly organized International Green Design Awards which will highlight outstanding, highly sustainable and most innovative green design projects worldwide. This year A’ Green Design competition is looking for original design ideas, products and strategies that use creativity in an engaging and effective manner to improve sustainability all over the globe. International Green Design Awards honors projects that are presenting outstanding advancements in design industry which leads to positive outcomes for society through preservation of natural resources, elimination of air and water pollution, and projects with industrial improvements such as reduction of waste and increase in production efficiency.

Every year at the A’ Green Design Award, the best design projects that demonstrate social responsibility and sustainability are selected by international panel of jury consisting from more than 70 scholars, design professionals, architects and press members. Every entry is peer reviewed and anonymously judged, the evaluation process is transparent and conforms to international competition standards.

The A’ Green Design Awards winners will be granted a lifetime license to use the “Green Design Award” logo as a consumer guide to excellence in sustainable design; businesses use the “Green Design Award” logo on their products as a part of their marketing to communicate the environmentally sustainable nature of their products and projects. MOreover, all the laureates of the International Green Design Awards will also be given the award trophy, yearbook of best design projects, and the certificate of design excellence and creativity.Furthermore, every award winning entry will be translated to more than twenty languages and communicated to publishers worldwide for true international reach and recognition.

Applications to the A’ Green Design Awards can be made online at http://www.designaward.com. Moreover, all registered designers can access to a more detailed information regarding eligibility criteria, submission and presentation guidelines, key dates and list of jury members. Submissions shall be completed by February 28, 2016 with a further results announcement on April 15, 2016.

The International Green Design Awards represent the main idea of A’ Design Award & Competition which seeks to encourage good quality design of products, projects and services that benefit society through high sustainability, innovative efficiency and respect to ecological factors. Moreover, the A’ Green Design Accolades were especially established to spread the awareness of the benefits associated with green design practices in industrial, fashion, food design as well as architecture and engineering. Thus, the ultimate goal of the A’ Green Design Awards is to push architects, designers and companies to develop more innovative and sustainable ecological, social, cultural and economic solutions for a better future. Learn more about A’ Green Design Awards at http://competition.adesignaward.com/competitions/green.html

(source: www.prweb.com)

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