IKEA to open its first store in India next year

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IKEA, Swedish home furnishing retailer is set to launch its first store in India in Hyderabad next year. One of the world’s largest furniture retailers is adapting its products and business strategies to suit the Indian market but is also aiming to retain the Swedish flavour when it launches in Hyderabad. To provide a glimpse of their furniture and kitchen appliances, the company has launched an experience zone called the Hej Home at a mall in Hyderabad earlier this week.

“This is to give the taste of what IKEA is all about, and also the taste of Sweden, where we come from. We’d like to showcase different products and home-furnishing solutions at very affordable prices,” said Ulf Smedberg, country marketing manager, IKEA India. However, the experience zone showcased only a fraction of the furniture retailer’s 7000-8000 products that will be on sale in the company’s store.

IKEA, apart from home-furnishing solutions is also known for its delectable food products in its cafeterias present within the sprawling stores. The company is planning to open one such cafeteria offering a melange of both Indian and Swedish dishes, the Hyderabad outlet is expected to have made seating arrangements for as many as 1,000 people. The store according to IKEA India’s food manager Henrik Osterstrom will be focusing on bringing Swedish food alongside creating Indian cuisine like Salmon fillet, chicken, vegetarian version of meatballs and Swedish cookies.

The company’s motive will be to have a continuous presence on mobile and internet platforms with an e-commerce portal. The company aims to showcase furnishing appliances fitted to Indian way of living and space utilised by people in different cities. IKEA is also training shopkeepers for the past two years to assist customers in buying the right product and also plans to have a presence in the world of augmented and virtual reality.

(Source: www.financialexpress.com)

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