‘Baaya’ in a local Indian language refers to the weaver bird that
weaves its nest in a rather unique way. The store brings you the best
in Indian Tribal art and craft which combines paintings with textiles
and other craft forms to make each piece unique. Baaya Design aims to
showcase the natural beauty and workmanship in Tribal Art by
presenting them in contemporary colors, style and form. Baaya Design
studio offers a completely unique range of customized, Folk & Cultural
Art, Art Installations, Murals, Lights, Accessories and Furniture that
can transform any space into energized, living environments.

Festivals in India are all about colour and lights. This is the
inspiration behind the festive collection which is predominantly
contemporary – with a lot of Indian elements, bright colors and
ornamental embellishments. This festive season Baaya Design brings
wide spectrum of gifting options that are bit out of the ordinary. It
features exciting array of artistic diyas, lamps and home accessories
that can be personalized in unique combos.

We enclose a brief note along with pictures for your kind perusal. We
would appreciate if you can feature the same.


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