Ion Exchange introduces Zero B Auto Soft water softner

Ion Exchange has now introduced the Zero B Auto Soft water softener. It has an automatic softener valve, a special softener resin, a media holding vessel and a salt holding tank are the key components of the softener. While installing and using, the automatic softener equipment complements well with the existing plumbing and electrical setup of the user. A robust and reliable automatic valve and a proprietary tamper proof softening media delivers soft and safe conditioned water.

Zero Auto Soft contains proprietary food grade Zero B Purple Soft resin which has unique purple colour to prevent entry of spurious and harmful replacement media whenever it is replaced after its life cycle.

The Zero B Softeners can be used in water treatment in housing societies, hotels, shopping malls, and corporate parks, water treatment for laundries in hotels and hospitals, pre-treatment for reverse osmosis plants and water treatment for boiler feed and cooling towers.


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