Magniflex presents MagniStretch mattress

Magniflex, Italy’s largest and innovative mattress company has unveiled MagniStretch, an advanced pain relieving mattress for the back & neck. MagniStretch reduces back and neck pain, revitalises discs during sleep due to an improved blood flow.

MagniStretch uses the pressure exerted by the body to gently stretch the back and spinal column. This subtle traction gradually increases space between the vertebrae, which improves blood circulation and alleviates back pain. While the six inclined foam layers use the body’s weight to move pressure from the lumbar area to the cervical area and feet. This subtle movement stretches the back and distributes the weight evenly throughout the body.

According to the release, the technology was obtained in cooperation with the Mechanical Engineering Department of Zaragoza University. After a complex programme of ergonomic tests, the patent was issued.  “It leads to greater and quicker recovery with respect to intervertebral-disc height and relaxation of the musculature of the spinal column”, says Emeritus Professor of Orthopedics, Antonio Herrera Rodriguez about the innovative technology.

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