A therapeutic dose of lavender by Zynna

Zynna has launched the exquisite fabric and astonishing lavender wallpaper range. The new range of contemporary lavender fabrics and wallpapers are befitting to give your abode an aristocratic semblance for the monsoon season.

The mix of contemporary and traditional combined with the rich fabrics and patterns makes the collection aristocratic and luxurious. The fabrics have a vast and distinctive variety along with sheer and soft pastel shades from lavender, which would give you a soothing affect this monsoon. Shades of lavender are a perfect backdrop when paired with gold and the collection has a distinctive variety of shades to choose from along with the wallpapers to make your walls look splendid.

Retesh Sharma says “the new lavender collection is great for people who are looking for a change in their interiors, as lavender and purple are always considered the aristocratic colors”. The new range of magnificent palate would bring a luxurious look in your interiors, he adds.

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