14 million street lights to be replaced by energy efficient LEDs in India

LED street lights

India’s most prominent trade fair that leads the way in setting new trends for innovative LED and lighting technologies, LED Expo 2018 was inaugurated at Greater Noida. The 19th edition of LED Expo 2018 is focusing mainly on energy efficient, smart lighting solutions and gears that are changing the face of Indian lighting industry. Supported by leading lighting associations and government bodies, the inauguration showcased a clear picture of major developments taking place in the LED lighting sector.

341 companies are showcasing their latest solutions in the LED lighting sector as the 19th edition of LED Expo 2018 New Delhi was inaugurated by Venkatesh Dwivedi, General Manager, EESL, Ministry of Power. Talking about the current developments and progress in this industry Dwivedi shared: “LED Expo serves as great platform for all the companies who are interested in lighting opportunities in the domestic and international market to congregate and work together. Under UJALA more than 31 core LED bulbs have been distributed to the consumers in India and by June 2019 we expect almost 14 million street lights in the urban-local bodies across the country to be replaced by efficient LED lights. We see a potential for another 2 crore street lights in the country which will mainly target rural segment, national highway, court authorities, railways and the army segment of the business.”

Continuing with the progressive plans and steps taken for a smart nation he also announced, “Next step would be the intelligent lighting systems which will help us deliver 5-10% energy efficiency from these LED street lights.  The government plans to roll out smart meters across the country. A procurement of 1 crore smart meters has already been done with the implementation of this in 4 states. Being a part of the smart city concept, smart meters and smart lights are complimentary to each other helping us deliver various other services.”

Talking about the latest trends in the LED market and the way LED Expo is adapting to it, Raj Manek, Director and Board Member, Messe Frankfurt Asia Holding Ltd. shared: “The LED revolution in India has now entered its next stage with smart lighting technologies. Over the years, this breakthrough innovation has gained massive popularity with the rising demands for convenience, cost efficiency and smart technologies. Absorbing the latest trends in the market, LED Expo 2018 New Delhi is showcasing a gamut of energy efficient and IoT infused lights that will cater to various needs from different sectors of the market. We are assertive that this edition of the leading show for LED lights and solutions will boost new business relations between manufacturers and sector buyers.”

The latest edition located at India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida is showcasing lighting solutions from countries like India, China, Finland, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Korea and Taiwan. Brands like Juki India Pvt Ltd, Key Operations & Electrocomponents Pvt Ltd, Lumisense Optoelectronics Pvt Ltd, Power Integrations India Pvt Ltd, Rabyte Electronics, S R Electro, Semiconic Devices Pvt Ltd, Semitech Opto Solutions Pvt Ltd, Swingtel Communications Pvt Ltd, Tektronics, V-Tac India, Fulham India and Ltech (Intelligent Lighting Controls) have brightened the aisles with their lighting technologies on display. The show also touches the aesthetic part of lighting with companies like Jainsons and Tucana Lights displaying aesthetically designed decorative lights.

Day two of the trade fair will host the LED summit that will focus on ‘Creating Solutions for Future Smart Lighting’. Eminent speakers from associations and companies will highlight topics like safer cities, lighting for transport and infrastructure, lighting for workplace and productivity. It will also give insights on how to thrive in a disrupted market, technology review to make the right choices, policy/standardisation and certification, helping lighting companies and stakeholders to make the right decisions.

Source: eletimes

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