India’s first interior’s information website

India’s first interior’s information website

Murtaza Motiwala, CEO

A brain child of Murtaza Motiwala, Founder & CEO, , it was his tireless devotion, zeal and indomitable spirit that prodded him  to  carve a niche by creating a platform that serve the consumer and empowers even the small retailers with strength and dignity that led to the evolution of the interiors online portal. It is a testimony to Motiwala’s vision and foresight. has catered to the needs of all the elements in an interior’s market, namely the manufacturers, product vendors, skilled and professional craftsmen. It has opened up new avenues for everyone and is thus a win-win proposition for all the parties. It is a platform which has brought the entire interior industry together and everyone is readily involved with the nitty-gritty of the interiors. It has challenged the status quo, refashioning the interior world in the light of everyone’s potential making it a better world for everyone. has successfully pushed the creative boundaries of every artist in the industry and has rendered a voice to their skill. It has thus helped them translate their craft into a sustainable and dignified source of income. The online portal has weaved a fabric of better networking and has fostered strong ties within the industry.

o2o-of-interiorsinfoThey have catered to the necessities of their vendors as well as their consumers by engaging them efficiently through their website. The end-user gets to know all the intricacies of a product that he/she is on the lookout for while the vendor’s business gets a boost as he registers an online presence with the consumer. For example- The website and blogs highlight the benefits of a specific interior element and the team gives one all the details of the vendor from where one can source their product from. The vendor and the end-consumer both benefit mutually in this regard.

When one opens the home page, one gets to see a well-defined website equipped with a listing of products and service providers all under a single roof. Then, as one opens the page of products, they come across 11 sliders that exhibit the newly arrived products of impeccable patterns and textures. The website places 10 general categories of interior accessories and once the user clicks on any one, they again get sliders that display a wide spectrum of products which are specific to the category that they have chosen. is an online shopping paradise that makes one’s hunt for interiors convenient and hassle-free. It is well equipped with the latest technology and innovation making it user-friendly for the end-consumer. This online portal has eliminated the complex maze of interior shopping.