Designed for a Cause

Designed for a Cause


Sanuree Gomes crafts a simplistic design, ‘Help Desk’, to address the plight of rural children of India. She meticulously designs a dual purpose product – a bag transforming into a foldable desk – with discarded cartons fetched from corporate houses and retail outlets

Most schools in rural India lack basic facilities. Students don’t even have desks to write upon. They have to sit hunched on the floor for hours. This gives them bad posture, poor eyesight and bad handwriting. We needed an easy and economical solution that would improve the quality of in rural school.
The key objective was to put an end to the children’s plight. But the major task was to come up with an economical and sustainable approach which is both simple and child friendly.

Working in lines with the client’s demand, we came up with a unique idea of using available-discarded cartons from recyclers, corporate houses and retail outlets. It proved to be economical, ecological, portable and useful for children in rural schools. Using these, we created – a folding desk that could also be used as a school bag. It was designed meticulously to a child’s ability to put it together to its dual purpose. In addition, it costs less than twenty cents per piece.

In the first phase, we distributed Help Desk to several schools in rural Maharashtra. Now, the children of these schools study with ease. It also helps them carry their books on their long walks to school. Help desk is living up to its name by improving the quality of education in rural India.

About the Designer
Sanuree Gomes is an Idea Maker who loves multi-functioning as an Art Director, Web Designer, advertising obsessor, photography dabbler, wannabe traveller, and never ending fan of anything fictitious.
She enjoys being in the business of ideas, working on solutions for two brands and real life problem. She envisions a future where she can continue to create and to innovate radical solutions.
“In my free time, I’m diagnosing a cure to my wanderlust, trying to lift dumbbells beyond a kilo or helping friends & family plan random life events.”