Trezi 1.8 enables collaboration in VR with its latest update

The fully-immersive Virtual Reality product, Trezi, for the building industry has unveiled its latest update, Trezi 1.8, that allows architects and designers to step into the virtual world and review, modify and experience the project with their colleagues and collaborators in real time, irrespective of their geographical location. Edits made to the true-to-scale representation can then be saved to the Trezi workspace, which is fully compatible with popular architecture design software such as ArchiCAD, Sketchup, Rhino and Autodesk’s Revit.

Trezi 1.8 also introduces an exterior rendering mode which significantly improves the rendering quality of exterior scenes, and offers photo-realistic shadows with minimal culling of objects from the scene. Gearing up to become the world’s first immersive platform connecting architects with building product manufacturers, Trezi also has the ability to add and modify catalogue products in the virtual space, adding another layer of accuracy to the rendition. With the enhanced support for remote collaboration and audio add-ons in the pipeline, Trezi 1.8 will dramatically improve and raise the bar for design-based collaboration in the industry.

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