Revolution Pre-crafted presents Ron Arad’s Armadillo tea pavilion at Design Miami/ Basel

The design at large program at comprises a curated collection of large-scale works and ambitious architectural installations, both from historical and contemporary contexts. The 2016 theme focuses on ‘landscape’, exploring the relationship between the built and natural worlds from a literal, conceptual and technological perspective.

As part of Design Miami/ Basel 2016, held from June 14-19, Pre-crafted Properties, a collection of limited edition dwellings, ranging from functional pavilions to modular homes, presents the Armadillo tea pavilion. The shelter is conceived as an independent shell structure, providing an intimate place of refuge and reflection within a garden, landscape, or large internal space. Comprising a series of 5 moulded shells, the pavilion is made of mechanically-fixed modular components with exposed fixings and stiffening brackets.

The flexibility of these elements allows the tea canopy to be configured in a variety of arrangements, and can be expanded when using additional shells. Adaptable for indoor and outdoor use, Armadillo tea pavilion is designed to be structurally independent and installed as a free-standing element, with the possibility of additional anchoring if desired. Each of the shells are made in range of finishes, depending on their intended purpose, from durable PVDF-coated timber composite for outdoors, to oiled hardwood-veneered plywood for indoor use. All of the shell fixings, foot brackets and structural stiffeners are made in hand-patinated brass and bronze.


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