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The materials used in production are of fine quality, namely 999 silver ingots smelted in-house into 92% pure silver sheets, 24 carat gold gilding and 8-12 microns silver plating. The mixed material is Burma teak wood, lead crystal, glass, Murano pieces, glass resin, objet d’art, copper and brass. Frazer and Haws melts and rolls out their own silver sheets. The silver is tested for purity several times before it is hallmarked. Right before it reaches the showrooms, it is tested for one last time using the international industry standard assay testing Fischer Scope OS from Germany, thus guaranteeing our purity.

Tea light holders Coloured glass tea light holder with motifs in silver Price: INR 2,400


Vase – Orchid Porcelain vase with silver orchids with plain and engraved textured leaves and pearl ornamentation. Price: INR 17,100

Frazer and Haws is a 150 year old British heritage brand
producing limited edition artifacts
in hallmarked sterling silver. The
bespoke fusion designs created
by combining diverse materials
such as metal, wood, glass and
stone is what sets them apart. Jalaj Anand is the Creative Director of Frazer and Haws. The brand takes pride in its strong talented in-house design team trained in London. Each design is original – carefully drawn on cartridge sheets and then handpainted meticulously with imported gouache. The drawings are detailed down to the last mm with side, front and top dimensions and facets. The subsequent step is the making of prototypes, which are checked for lines, design, practicality, tenacity and weight. Once the prototype is finally approved, only then is the product sent for production. The Frazer and Haws hallmark is registered with the Hall of Assays in London. Hallmarking, first introduced in 1300, has acted as a safeguard to gold and silver purchasers ever since. It is one of the most important forms of consumer protection.

Lamp Equestrian

Lamp Equestrian

This exquisitely crafted horse in composite stone has silver stirrups with open stitch pattern engraved on it. The base of the lamp is made of highly polished and chiselled black granite. The outer demarcation of the two tiered base is in silver with bolts in gold gilding. The lovely raw silk shade is hosted on a brass arm. A truly elegant piece which would light up any room. Price: INR 45,000

Candle stand Adam and Eve This features playful resin figurines of Adam and Eve. The silver plated stems with silver ornamentation on a marble base act as the backdrop. Price: INR 34,900



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