Retrospect of the Colonial Style

Retrospect of the Colonial Style


in New Delhi, designed by Vivek Guha from Yantra Interiors & Concepts, is envisaged to camouflage the essential Past to the demanding Future of its citizen. It is designed in tribute to the British architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens, whose design remains relevant across time and space

the Lutyens Cocktail House is a tribute to the great Sir Edwin Lutyens, a British architect who is known for imaginatively adapting traditional architectural styles to the requirements of his era. He had a major role in designing and building the monuments of Delhi and a major section of the metropolis of Delhi, known as Connaught Place, New Delhi. His contribution is still recognized as “Lutyens Delhi” in conversations of many.

LCH has the taste and sense of his work of style that Priyank Sukhija greatly admires. The interior of the restaurant reflects the aura of opulence and serenity. The walls are the reminiscence of Lutyens Old Delhi as the paintings adorned narrates the story of the era. The wooden chairs and couches are a throwback to the classic English bars highlighted by the burgundy & dark wood décor. LCH is decorated like a living room of an influential colonial personality.

Web-like classy wooden furniture, colonial arches, island bar, antic fixtures and pictures and all adorned in a very British European setting, making it an ideal cocktail house. Old school retro tracks playing make the ambience lively. The old world charm with the new world twist is Lutyens Cocktail House.

“This space and this menu is my tribute to the great master Sir Edwin Lutyens. I have attempted to create a dining experience that is rooted in surroundings created by Lutyens and arches out with mood and food that is steeped in tradition yet speaks to the palate of today and tomorrow. I hope that the patrons will enjoy LCH as much as I enjoyed creating it,” says Priyank Sukhija, Restaurateur.

LCH is fit for an afternoon, an early evening or a night with friends & family, the decor will please you. It’s ideal to hold meetings with important dignitaries, clients or friends or just come alone for a couple of drinks and chit chat with the bartender or simply gaze at the view while enjoying their European food.

Text courtesy: Priyank Sukhija & Image courtesy: LCH

Fact File
project Lutyens Cocktail House
client Priyank Sukhija
architect Vivek Guha
design team Yantra Interiors and Concepts
completion date March 5, 2015
area 2,800 sq ft