Lucent Industrial Corporation

Lucent Industrial Corporation

Lucent Industrial Corporation is a sister company of Lucent Marcons which is a US based organization. The company specializes in fabricating devices and technologies to monitor and gauge temperature, pressure and other parameters required for various industrial processes. The office is designed to house the fundamental machinery required for assembling and for minimal fabrications. The major function is the coordination and correspondence of resources and materials between India and US. Administration offices, training centres, meeting rooms and R&D Labs form a major part in the building. Open green spaces are provided within the building that provide with ample daylight and breather spaces for its inhabitants.Apart from the office areas and the manufacturing/ assembling plant, the building also has to create an identity and trust of the company in the Indian sub-continent.
 Functional Disposition
The covered area is spread over four floors with each having a dedicated function of its own. The basement is primarily used for storage of raw materials as well as finished products; it also houses the light machinery required for minor assembling purpose. The ground floor is used as the visitor centre and features a 40 people training centre, conference room and meeting rooms. The building also has a triple height atrium that connects all the floors and also provide with ample daylight in all the interior areas.By introducing the triple height atrium in the building, the energy consumption has reduced radically as all the offices operate without the need of artificial lighting during the daylight hours. The first floor is used by all the admin offices, directors and managers. By placing the admin block in the middle, a better control is achieved in the complex. All R&D labs and research halls are placed on the second floor that requires complete segregation from visitors as well as the admin staff. For recreation, the ground floor is supported with a staff canteen placed next to the green open space (atrium) in the center of the building.The staircase and the lift lobby are also planned adjacent to the atrium so that no energy is spent on lighting for circulation during the day. To further open up the building, the staircase has a cement screen on the external façade that provides with fresh air as well as indirect sunlight.
The planning is done to reduce heat gains from the front western façade. All major openings are planned along the northern façade. This provides with ample daylight in all the offices without increasing direct heat gains. This further reduces the Air Conditioning loads in the building and makes it cost as well as energy efficient. To further reduce the energy loads, a triple height atrium is planned at the center of the building that provides with daylight, space for green open space on the ground floor which also serves as the breather space in the building. Admin offices, director rooms and the circulation core are planned adjacent to the atrium thus removing the need to use any type of artificial lighting in any of these areas during the daytime hours.Light shelves are used on the eastern façade of the building that provides with in-direct sunlight which is provided with ambient lighting without causing glare in the offices. Vertical concrete fins are used as the shading devices in the front western façade to reduce the heat gains. Since openings and glazing are reduced in the front façade to reduce heat gains; green terraces, cement screens and large opening are provided on the north side. With the incorporation of various passive techniques for keeping the indoor temperature lower, reducing heat gains and providing fresh air inside the building, the complex becomes sustainable and a healthy working place.

Fact File
project : Corporate Office- Lucent
location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh
client Lucent Industrial Corporation
project area 10,000 sq ft
project estimate Rs 2.2Crore
commencement year 2011
completion year 2013