Elements in Discourse

Elements in Discourse


Chakor StudioTechnological advancement and a wide array of material palette have found new inventions and innovations in ‘self’. ., Noida by Chaukor Studio demonstrates these trails in a most elegant way to the world of possibilities even in a niche domain of architectural practice. The symphony between the two narrates the company’s profile by a minimalistic discourse.

REN Technologies India Ltd. is a service oriented company that provides its customers with various design applications on different types of mediums based on the end usage. The applications range from creating patterns, textures, CNC jaalis, , digital printing on paper, wood, stone, tiles, glass etc.

The idea is to explore various applications that are provided at REN Technologies and exploit the same to bring about an inherent character and reflect the identity of the company within the framework of the interior design.

Functional Disposition
The scope of the project is spread over three floors (Basement + Ground + Mezzanine) with the basement primarily used as a storage facility, CNC machine work and small demonstration halls.
The ground floor serves the critical purpose of the whole space and is used for demonstration of various products and accessories that are designed at REN. The main lobby at the entrance has a double height that is further accentuated with an elemental cantilevered staircase, suspended light installations, double height exposed brick tile wall and a wood-metal false ceiling. Demonstration halls are created as part of the ground floor that further add to the experience of the visitor. The floor is supported with meeting rooms, a director cabin and support utilities.

As part of the whole demonstration experience, the mezzanine floor is used for business purpose with conferences and meeting rooms taking up the major area of the floor space. The mezzanine floor is segregated from the visitor’s area and is used primarily by the directors and other high-profile people working at REN.

Material Palette
The interior theme uses highly textured walls, bold colour on the floors and CNC cut screens and boards to design various surfaces. Through exploitation and experimentation with a variety of mediums, colours and textures, the identity of the company gets reflected within the framework of the interior design theme. A variety of unconventional materials are used in the design of the office space.

–  are used for the feature wall behind the reception at the entrance lobby that also serves as a backdrop to the displayed artwork.
–  is used in the false ceiling to add levels in the spatial volume of the rooms. The false ceiling further adds a natural texture to the interior space.
are used in conjunction with wood and bamboo that serve the purpose of tying various members and also add aesthetic value to the template.
– Waste Beer bottles are used for false ceiling of reception lobby which add esthetical properties to the sitting area.
– Cardboard rolls of different sizes and colours are used to design lamp shades that are suspended in the double height areas.
– Wooden planks from the packaging boxes of all the machinery of REN are re-used in the false ceiling of all the public areas including the reception lobby, conference rooms and director cabins.
– Fabric screens and Jaalis are custom made to match the overall design of the space and are used as visual partitions for all private cabins.
– Jaisalmer stone flooring adds a bold backdrop to the overall composition.

Apart from these materials, conventional materials like glass, gypsum, wood, plywood etc. are used to support and provide detail to the whole theme.

Fact File
project: Corporate Office- REN
location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh
client: REN Technologies India Ltd.
commencement date: September 2013
completion date: July 2014
project area: 12,000 sq ft
cost: INR 1.2 Cr
built-up area: 6,500 sq m


About The Firm
Chaukor Studio is a nationally recognized multidisciplinary architecture, interior design and landscaping firm known for developing elegant, ecological and economic habitat solutions.
We take initiatives in cost-effective, energy-efficient buildings, utilization of space that is modest yet aesthetically sensible. The firm works at multiple scales and with various organizations right from private clients to corporates & NGOs. This allows us to deliver experimental and diversified works such as Interpreting Paper folds of origami for the office design of JJ Prints Pvt. Ltd., a leading printing and publishing house in northern India; innovative use of bamboo in the office design of Ren Technologies resulting into natural and humane workspaces.
Our design approach is to re-connect architecture with nature, make optimum use of space, natural materials, lighting & landscape to reinvent and transform living environments and urban spaces. The attention is to details and customization and achieving a balance between functionality, context, climate, material, cost, time and aesthetics. The work done by Chaukor Studio has been recognized time and again on various national and international media.