Designed in Origami

Designed in Origami

Ar. Anil Bhaskaran
Anil Bhaskaran

Inspired by the art of , Anil Bhaskaran from IDEA Centre envisioned a corporate office, , in Bangalore in the form of a bird. The spaces thus created opens up a multi-dimensional arena for employees to work, play and innovate

Designed as the corporate office for Matts Corner, ‘Junction’ evolves from an elongated plan with concentric, telescopic flap roofs. The unique form generates balconies and terraces at various levels.

Origami, an ancient art of Japan, is a creative method of folding paper to develop playful shapes and forms.

The concept used for designing the building started from a playful shape of a bird. What might be seen like an intriguing form is the result of the design explorations and an intuition about what the place should express: an urban sculpture that stands apart.

The first thing that comes across is the asymmetry in the building. This is achieved through the concentric and telescopic flap roofs which create pockets of spaces that open up as balconies at various levels.

Constructed on a 3,500 sq. ft plot, the basement, ground and four floors above contribute to a built up area of around 13,000 sq. ft. All the floors are being used as office spaces with ample balcony spaces. The fourth floor is occupied by the owner and his business, with an extended terrace space that gives a good view of the city.

The design infuses earth-friendly materials with innovative techniques and principles. Selected areas of the exterior are cladded with extruded terracotta blocks and the rest is finished in synthetic texture. While textured surfaces enhance the aesthetic value of the structure, the extruded terracotta blocks serve a dual purpose. Not only do the earthy red hues of the blocks look pleasing, they also reduce the heat by the building.

The orientation of the rectangular building (in the plan) in east-west direction helps to keep the exposure of walls to direct sunlight, to a minimum. The building is well–ventilated with the provision of a number of openings all around it. The free flow of air reduces the heat inside the building and does away with the need of air-conditioning and artificial lighting systems.

The terrace garden helps to cut down the heat transmitted from the top. The multi-layering and overlapping roofs and over hangings create an effect of thermal insulation for the building.

Among the many challenges, the building had to be cost effective which means that the technology had to be indigenous and the construction had to be done by an inexpensive contractor. This, in turn, demanded simple engineering skills to be deployed in construction. Perfections in lines of the flap slabs were achieved by using the technique of embedding prefabricated mild steel ‘L’ angles in concrete.

Text & Photographs courtesy: the architect

Fact File
project name: MC Junction
location: Kasturinagar, Bangalore
client: Matts Corner
design team: Anil Bhaskaran, Sindhu, Ajit
commencement date: January 2012
completion date: July 2013
area: 13,500 Sq. ft
cost: INR 2,50,00,000


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