A Stylish SOHO office

A Stylish SOHO office


Takshila Office, Defense Colony, New Delhi, India

The design of the office cum residence for the Takshila group by Archohm at New Delhi plays daringly with materials, colours, textures and products in this ‘no compromise’ space solution. This innovative vocabulary selection and intuitive product collection brings in a sense of ‘taste’ and ‘timelessness’.

Text: courtesy, the designers; Photographer: Bharat Aggarwal

Sourabh_GuptaArchohm was commissioned to build a SOHO office (small office/home office) and residence for the owner of the Takshila Group at New Delhi. Takshila Group run large successful city schools, work on a rural campus for arts and crafts, promote performing arts and support ‘Indian’ endeavors.

Functionally, the ground floor is the reception space and serves as a control for the lower ground office and the upper ground house with a multipurpose lounge to engage and entertain business visitors.

The upper level is a single expansive space subdivided and scaled down to different times and tones.

The basement is a traditional office space. Storages are concealed behind a textured relief wall of wood. This absorbs the extensive filing requirements as well as the services and servers.

The cabins are scaled and sized with flexible glass verticals and corian horizontals. The cabin is an experiment to redefine workspace inside by eliminating the inside circulation space. It borrows the outside passage to sit across the table inside. This also makes the cabin more accessible, literally and workwise.

A large central island, a corian monolith, serves as a workspace for six. This piece is specially designed to house lighting, electrical and other plug-ins. A separate space for stationery, a unique space for plants and a smart plinth for individual lights are allocated. These lights are long LED strips especially for workstation task-lighting, minimizing screen glares and light pollution. Touch controls further enhance the technology edge to the space.

This workspace extends to the informal canteen and conference space that spans betweenthe pantry and printing facility. This space also had a glass wall with plants at the bottom and natural light from top. Metal walls with magnets give an innovative and informal definition to the space. Stools and small tables in this space function the flexibility.

The conference room is the most fundamental requirement of the project. It was to be used primarily for virtual meetings. The vertical surfaces are glass writing boards or sound absorbing textures. So is the carpet flooring and ceiling reliefs. State of the art conferencing equipment, smart boards and lighting controls enable this compact space as a comprehensive solution.

Last but not least, is the most impressive volume of the project. This is the workspace of the owner, the chairman of the group. The double heights with bare concrete walls give a distinct ‘designer’ definition to this room. One uses the rurality of bamboo as a flavor and a finish. ‘Finesse’ of engineered bamboo panels on the flooring and circular cross sectional clusters of real bamboo as a creative ceiling concealing all services bring in the material madness. The raw wood Italian furniture further compliments the purity of surfaces. Two walls are clean and bare concrete to receive the artwork, an original large Hussain painting. One wall is a double glass wall with plants to diffuse the sense of the underground. The back wall is an extended large wall unit, a rhythm of raw vertical planks flanked with horizontal glass to store books, awards, equipment and accessories of the well read and travelled ‘collector’, the occupant of this space. The two most fundamental ingredients of a workspace, the chair and the light are both examples of the finest German technology and design. The European equipment for sound and light brings in the required ‘intelligence’ quotient for efficiency at work. This innovative vocabulary selection and intuitive product collection brings in a sense of ‘taste’ and ‘timelessness’.This core space is thus the inspiration that fuels the entire project and the larger office at large.