Simplistic Design

Simplistic Design

Bamboo House Prashant Aruna_srb9538
, Aruna Lingam

An artistic approach of transforming discarded rubber tyres into beautiful garden furniture, designed by Prashant Lingam, uses local and simple materials to evolve waste tyres into creative furniture designs for indoor and outdoor spaces

Prashant Lingam creates garden furniture that looks pleasing, sturdy and is built entirely from waste tyres. There was an impetus desire to better the environment by utilising waste tyres. A market report indicated that Derived Fuel (TDF) can be created using 130 million tyres, civil engineering projects may use 56 million tyres, ground rubber turned into moulded rubber products can be produced using 18 million tyres, ground rubber can be turned into rubber-modified asphalt using 12 million tires, and agricultural and miscellaneous uses can be developed to take care of almost 3 million tyres.

While that was a gigantic statistic, he decided to add a positive twist to the utilization of the discarded tyres by making furniture at a local level. His creative inspiration came from a stray incident a few years back, when he came across some tyres which were being burnt on the roadside in a dump. The man who owned them had no other solution but to discard the scrap tyres. The idea of utilizing scrap tyres for making furniture and other value added products originated from that solitary incident.

He initiated and set about putting his ideas in a concrete manner. As a social enterprise working on green livelihoods, he decided to collect waste tyres in an efficient, environmentally sound and socially responsible manner and address the issue of tyres entering waste stream and landfills. Scouting for right kind of tyres is very tough as only discarded scrap tyres are used in the furniture making process. The bigger challenge was to cut the tyres which are quite hard.
Shaping up the tyres into furniture components and designing the right product was not an easy task. The company relied on instincts and desire to excel and their bamboo furniture team gradually learnt the ropes of working with tyres, practically while on the job. The tough rubber ensures no rusting, no termite or pest attack and it can withstand sun and rain for a lifetime.
Corporate clients and government bodies have evinced interest to this new use of tyres. The social implications are equally positive as it gives employment opportunities at the local level. The costs of the products are also quite affordable. For example, a very simple rocker would cost INR 500 and the costliest of tyre furniture set will cost no more than INR 15, 000.
This inventiveness towards recycling the material puts it to a good application since the only maintenance required is colouring at a regular interval. The furniture made of recycled tyres is all weather proof, hence can be used both indoors and outdoors.
About the Designer
Prashant Lingam is a social entrepreneur whose first social venture, Bamboo House India, works on sustainable bamboo
livelihoods and utilizes bamboo as an eco-friendly building material as a substitute to wood, steel, iron and plastic. Co founded with his wife, the bamboo initiative in 2008, a management graduate from Osmania University at Hyderabad, has initiated a second start up social venture “Recycled India” in June 2015. Designing and creating the individual pieces themselves, the husband and wife teams uses their creative instincts to build furniture with discarded tyres.
Through this venture they plan to create design interventions through utilisation of urban waste and, at the same, create urban livelihoods. Currently, they are working with discarded tyres, discarded drums and discarded cycles to create furniture, in the days to come they also plan to to build houses with PET bottles and prefab houses with tetra pack boards.