Porosity – Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2015, Mumbai, India

Porosity – Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2015, Mumbai, India


Porosity, 1:2 scale pavilion is a part of the ongoing research for AA Visiting School Mumbai (Architectural Association (AA), School of Architecture) by Ar.Tejas Sidnal and Ar. Keyur Mistry intended in July 2015.

Photo courtesy: Apoorva Madhavan

Ar. Tejas Sidnal
Ar. Tejas Sidnal

The strategy for ‘Variable Porosity’ in the Pavilion – an installation at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2015, Mumbai – designed by Ar. Tejas Sidnal & Ar. Keyur Mistry, is an inspiration from nature. It is very evidently seen in many aspects in nature including the bone, as they have more material at places where required and less where it does not have structural/functional need. Bio-inspired logic is translated into a design of a pavilion in this installation. Such dynamic spatial structure is developed using sophisticated computational tools and delivered with innovative 3D printing technology.

Ar. Keyur Mistry
Ar. Keyur Mistry

The idea of creating an enclosure with an installation that houses a maker’s space along with custom printing was to promote innovation and maker culture in India. Completely 3D printing an installation with small parts of ABS Plastic and interlocking them to form one big piece is explored for this installation.The 3D printed parts allows to dictate the mass and weight of each part which was reduced gradually with height ensuring the structure is in balance with optimum amount of material and good strength.

It took over 720 hours for printing on Two Flash Forge Pro 3D printers, which was cut into 87 parts and joined to form one uniform piece. The Installation is designed by Tejas Sidnal & Keyur Mistry and the Installation sponsor ‘Melting Mints’ has helped to provide 3D Printing services for this Installation.

About The Designer

Tejas Sidnal is an architect from Mumbai, India. He earned his B.Arch degree from the University of Mumbai in 2011. Having a strong inclination towards Biomimicry he has been researching over this field from the past 4 years. His thesis on ‘Biomimicry Institute at Mumbai’ has earned a lot of recognition and awards nationally and internationally. He presented his thesis for the 7th Annual Biomimicry Education Summit and first Global Conference in Boston, MA during June, 2013. Tejas successfully completed his Masters on Tata Scholarship in Emergent Technologies and Design (EmTech) with a distinction from Architectural Association (AA), School of Architecture during 2012 – 2013. He is currently working in Zhuhai city, China for Spence Robinson Architects.

Keyur Mistry is an Architect graduated from Mumbai University in 2012. Since then he is working with eminent Architect Sen Kapadia. He has worked on prestigious National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar and is currently working as Project Architect for a bungalow in Alibaug, India. He has gained valuable experience in architecture rooted to space making and place making. Aspiring to study Masters of Architecture abroad, he is interested in producing significant architectural work by judicious blend of both poetic and pragmatic elements.