Emblem of Culture

Emblem of Culture


Klove lights are form-based and rooted in Indian culture and this seeps into everything they design and produce. Indian architecture especially temples, jewellery and festivals are a constant source of inspiration. Klove seek to continuously navigate it’s journey by exploring different forms in the fluidity of hand blown glass. Combining this craft with choices such as wire work, brass, silver, aluminium, wrought iron or stainless steel onto new age materials like acrylic is a challenge they enjoy. As a luxury boutique studio, Klove combines glass, steel, brass, ceramic and stone to construct installations, objects and statement pieces. The design themes flow from neo-classical to contemporary, combining different temporal and textural styles, all keeping in mind a global citizen looking for timeless and bold art pieces suited for modern living. Key sources of inspiration include the spiritual: the tree of life, the matrix of existence and serenity.

About The Designers
Gautam Seth and Prateek JainPrateek Jain and Gautam Seth are the Co-Founders of the designer light studio, Klove. Prateek hails from Delhi, and studied at Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University. Gautam is from Ambala, Punjab. He went to Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology in Chandigarh. Their education in design came from practical experience. Prateek and Gautam spend extensive time working with local craftsmen and exploring different techniques, renderings and artisanal practices through India. Their lifelong propensity to experiment and research with new innovative methods continuously enables them to expand their product ranges and specializations. All of this has made their exploration of product design intuitive, their approach personal and aesthetic unique.
Since inception of in 2005 they have created a loyal cult following. Over the past 9 years they have established themselves as thought leaders in the domain of interior décor for residential and commercial spaces. Internationally, they have taken blown glass to new heights and have propelled the reputation of modern design possibilities originating from India. Their visionary status is enhanced by their youth and unusual training.