Dhuun, a Collection of Furniture,Inspired From the Indian Musical Instruments

Dhuun, a Collection of Furniture,Inspired From the Indian Musical Instruments

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‘Dhuun’ is a furniture collection based on Indian musical instrument. I like to listen to a variety of music from instrumental to Indian folk, bollywood to western music. It’s a tribute to those musicians who kept me alive. ‘Iktar’, an accent chair was one of the successful entries of a competition launch by “ & Elle Decor (www.godrejdesignlab.com) last year


Ruby chair is inspired from the ESRAJ or DILRUBA. It is a young string instrument by Indian terms, being only about 200 years old.
Ruby chair is designed in such a way that the same base (leg & seat) of IKTAR stool can use here.
Material: Rubber wood, lacquer finish

lktar, an accent stool, is inspired from the Bengal traditional folk music instrument called “Ekatara”. Ektara is a one-string instrument. In origin, the Ektara was a regular string instrument of travelling poets. They are well known as “BAUL” in west Bengal, Bangladesh.
Design Direction:
To design the furniture I centralised my thought to simplify the form. Apart from this, design is done such a way so that it can be knocked down and be production friendly.
From functional point of view lktar can be used as a chair and also as a stool. Two extensions from the back pole provide back support and can be used as hanger.
Material: Rubber wood, lacquer finish

Bongoo is a combination of different furniture inspired from “Tabla”. Table is kind of a membranophone percussion instrument (which is similar to bongos), which is often used in Hindustani classical music. Bongoo can be used as centre/corner table with storage, stool and puff. Furniture consists two to three part– power coated metal base with weaving. pu finish MDF top and seat. Adding soft cushion over the top lid, it can be used as stool or puff. To achieve a fresh look, I used multiple colours.
Materials: Powder coated 6 and 10mm dia MS rod, rattan weaving, MDF, foam made seat

About The Designer
Sujay Das spends most of his time fiddling with his camera and brainstorming new ideas as a product designer. He is a post graduate from NID with a passion for interiors and design. After his graduation in architecture from JU, NID opened an array of exciting opportunities and a monument of learning scope and he did it all– from furniture to photography, graphics to Indian Craft. All over, it was a great experience which helped him understand the whole process and discover design direction towards user-centric design and synchronization between design and manufacturing process.
Now, Sujay works in the furniture industry. Since 2013 he is a part of Livspace. com (www.livspace.com ), a hot online furniture & interior start up from India.