DelightFULL Masterpieces

DelightFULL Masterpieces

Atomic | Suspension
A contemporary descendant of retro sphere lighting, Atomic suspension lamp is a spot-on interpretation of the atomic age design. A set of glossy black and gold plated round shades, aligned by an asymmetric composition to enhance non-conventional molecular forms. As each shade evokes a petrifying effect, it’s ideal to be placed in a modern living room to surprise your guests, as well as in a modern lobby. A breathtaking design inspired in 50’s legacy.
Diogo Carvalho
Diogo Carvalho

Charles | Suspension
Charles suspension shows that there are no design boundaries for lighting design. Its handmade copper plated body will turn any living room, dining room or lobby in the most royal setting you ever imagined. Its 20 glossy black lampshades will focus either the ceiling or the floor, providing an irresistible soft lighting.

Cosmo | Suspension
Cosmos design is inspired by the space with all its galaxies and planets. A dynamic piece full of energy and versatility, since all its spheres can rotate within 2 axis which enable it to cast light into any spot. Composed by 11 illuminating spheres of different sizes, the majestic lighting piece is made in aluminium and a brass body structure.

Stardust | Floor
Stardust Floor is a Mid-Century Modern revolving lamp inspired in stellar orbits. Feel attracted by its harmony and beauty as if you were following the constellations at night. Constructed out of brass tubing into a rounded oblong shape, it shines brightly due to the light cast by the bulbs arranged in the same way as a candelabra. Ideal forbig classic dining room as well as in a modern living room, it will bring an astral beauty to your space.

Nuno Corte-Real
Nuno Corte-Real

Janis | Floor
Do you remember “Best Of The Best Gold” by Janis Joplin? It could be only a song lost in the sixties, but it became a DelightFULL standing lamp: Janis floor lamp is a contemporary floor lamp which recovers the golden jazz spirit of 60’s. Covered by a golden bath, this entrance floor lamp was designed to make a powerful stance, turning any place into a classic majestic setting.

Botti | Floor
Botti is the newest version of Botti family: it embodies all the details of wind instruments, transporting us to a real music concert. Its structure is handmade in brass and gently covered by a golden mantle. This outstanding piece has eight spotlights which offer a soft lighting, attributing simultaneously a cosy and sophisticated ambiance to any setting.

Galliano | Wall
An expressive design inspired by jazz music, Galliano wall fixture has a sculptural shape and is versatile and yet contemporary. An extremely balanced design which gets even more beautiful when you see light being casted thought its pipes. Up to 3 tubes, it produces a unique and gorgeous lighting effect.

Norah | Wall
This piece of delicate forms gives life to any space. It transmits elegance and purity, so simple and yet such a statement of good taste. Its structure is handmade in brass and the bulb holders in aluminium.

About The Designers
Diogo Carvalho is 26 years, and Creative Director of European lighting company DelightFULL. Born and based in Portugal, he started out studying engineering but switched courses to design at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy. At age 24, one of his designs was showcased at Mason & Objet. Today he is overseeing a team of designers, and doing his part to revive the Portuguese arts and craft industry.
Nuno Corte-Real is 27 years Portuguese Product Designer at DelightFULL, the man behind the design for and Graphic Collection. His design style is to let the ends and means through design process. To be an architect like his father was Nuno’s childhood dream which got transformed to design. He take his inspiration from constantly updating his visual culture, knowledge of technology, science and arts.